Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mar 1, 2009 Seaside Chill

Today was the Seaside ½ Marathon, quoted as being the coldest and windiest race we have ever experienced. The 5:45 am arrival greeted us with darkness, 39 degrees (30 degree wind-chill) and 20 mph NW winds (in your face the first 6.55 miles.) The weather severely impacted the pre-race routine; it became stay as warm as possible until the “gun” goes off.

Once all 2300 of us were off and running things began to get better, we were running and the blood eventually started to flow. Several of my friends competed, but the most exciting story was my wife Kim competing and finishing her first ½ marathon (2:33.28) while I finished with a pb of 1:46.15. The Seaside ½ is a great venue, with a great pre and post race finish but this year was cut short due to the weather.


  1. Hey Brett,
    I love you. We need to talk more.
    Thinking of you, Kim, Allison and Kari.

    Prayers to you,

  2. Hey Brett,

    Congratulations to you and your wife on finishing the Seaside Chill. Its way to cold for me! Only 19 days until your surgery, we continue to keep you in our prayers! God is in control.

    Darren Ritch