Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7, 2009 Baby Steps

We have come a long way in 12 hours, thanks to the outstanding care I was able to get at least 5 hours sleep and controlling the bladder spasms. I woke Kim up at 4:30 am and wanted to walk, we walked 20 laps down and back which was a huge feat compared to 12 hours ago. Due to the anesthesia I made it 1/2 the way down the hallway and experienced vertigo, the nausea, the shakes, the drop in heart rate and blood pressure and sweating. I had two issues to contend with vomiting (knowing how much that would hurt) and fainting (knowing how much more that would hurt.) All in all it was pretty humorous after the fact, my nurse gave me kudos for the determination to not do either of the aforementioned and making it back to the bed safely.

Dr. Patel just made his rounds at 5:00 am, he said, "everything looks great, take it easy, it's not a race anymore." He provided sound directions of light duty for a minimum of 4 weeks; no lifting, no jogging, but light stretching.

The nurses just removed the drainage port, it was a bit uncomfortable on the way out and led to instant bladder spasms again. Thank goodness for the Toridol injection, it seems to subside the pain and spasm within minutes.

We expect to be discharged about 10:30 and headed to Shingle Creek for the remainder of our honeymoon, this is the first time we have never been away from our children for longer than 2 days. We miss our little angels immensely but know that they are in good hands and being well taken care of.

Most important of all, thank all of you for your prayers they were certainly felt and heeded. God was in control and has provided Dr. Patel with such a gift to promote peace and healing in this broken world.


  1. Looking good. I like the socks.....]


  2. Twenty twenty twenty four hours a day....I wanna be sedated.... (Thanks for getting that in my head)

    Seriously, you're looking and sounding much better than I would in your situation. Hang tough and enjoy the meds!

  3. Pain??? Cann't be worst than hiking up to "Spence Field".......

    Enjoy the pampering.


  4. Love the pics, Kim still looks better than you, ...which one is your bellybutton? (uhh, not that I'm supposed to care or anything)

  5. Lovin the "no skid" socks!! You guys look phenomenal!! We'll keep you in our prayers and let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do! Jennifer sends her love too!!
    Christy, Dr. Armistead and all of our little bitty staff now!

  6. It was great to talk with you lastnight, you sounded great and you look pretty good too. Don't push it, listen to the doctors and KIM. I know it is an odd concept for you, but take it easy.