Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8, 2009 Cancer FREE

Today's update start's with a blessing, the pathology report is back and Brett is cancer FREE. The report showed 15% of the prostate being cancerous, a gleason score of 6 and the margins as zero. Both Dr. Patel and Dr. Jenkins were quite suprised with the percentage of cancer. You would expect 15% in someone much older than 41. Brett's prostate wouldn't have made it to 60, so the prostatectomy was definitely the best way to go!

Although we had a great day with great news, the 3:30 a.m. start was not very promising. Brett woke up with a lot of discomfort and was feeling pretty low. As he lied on the couch absorbed in his discomfort he was definitely feeling the effects of his surgery - finally feeling the "cancer". As you know, he never had any symptoms of the cancer growing inside. Although I could sympathasize with his discomfort, I had to remind him that it could be much worse. At one point I told him to suck it up and move on. What you are feeling right now is only temporary. With that said, we were off on our 4:00 walk. We cruised the halls of the 11th floor for about 30 minutes and then went back to sleep. The next time we woke up, he had a better attitude and a craving for a Chick-fil-A biscut and a cup of coffee with his urologist (Panama City doctor). So we were off, but not before a quick call to Dr. Patel's assistant just to let her know we would at the symposium. Long story short, Dr. Patel invited us to watch a live case at the symposium. So here we are - in the conference room at the World Robotic Urology Symposium eating parfait and watching a live prostatectomy in Chicago. Dr. Patel introduces us to the crowd and asks Brett if he wants to ask the surgeon performing the procedure any questions. As the surgery is being performed, all of the conversation between the surgeon in Chicago and the panel of doctors at the symposium is heard by all in attendance. Pretty darn cool. Next, we were off to see the DaVinci system up close and personal. The manufactor had a system on display and Dr. Patel let us try it out. Brett was in the surgeon's seat and I was in the seat of the assistant. There was a tray with several objects on it located where the patient would be. We were able to pick them up and pass them off to each other. It was so darn cool. I must admit, I was a bit shocked when we turned around and saw the crowd that was gathered behind us - cameras and video cameras galore! After a few photo opps, a rep for the manufacture of the DaVinci system wanted to interview Brett. So, off we go to another break-out room for the interview. They interviewed Brett for about 10 -15 minutes and then brought me in as well. While this was going on, Dr. Patel got the text message regarding the pathology report. What a great way to end the morning.

Tonight Leslie and John (sister and brother-in-law) came over for dinner. We ordered room service and watched a movie. Leslie has made our "comfort and care" package absolutely awesome!

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