Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dec 1 2006 Peace at last

Dec 1 2006 My sister Leisa (right of me) died from breast cancer, the cancer spread rapidly over the past 4 months into her bones, lymph nodes and liver. It was too much for her to physically overcome. Leisa was loved by many, that love gave her hope, the hope for life and for eternal life. Leisa's life has just begun, she is now with her heavenly father where only grace and peace abound.

This wasn't on our calendars or part of our plan where we attempt to control and account for every second of every week of every year. Then God steps in and stops the clock. "Remember ME? I AM the one in control, not you!" So today we release Leisa and acknowledge God. Although we are deeply saddened with Leisa's physical death we need to rejoice in her spiritual and heavenly birth. This is about a "celebration of life" a remembrance of her life with us and an assurance of her eternity with God.

This was the most difficult time of my life, the loss of my sister and my very best friend.

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