Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dec 1 2008 A biopsy date with my urologist

Dec 1 2008 I was a little uneasy with the whole thought of what was about to go down this afternoon. My wife asked if I wanted her support, I grumbled and assured her, "No, I've got this." She thinks that I'm a little weird about visits to the doctor and "going it alone."

The biopsy was scheduled for 1:30, instructions were no food after 10 pm the previous night and to cleanse yourself with one bottle of Fleet enema. As I waited in the office the anticipation of the biopsy was worse than the actual biopsy, looking at the tools of the trade are not advisable. Dr. Jenkins took 12 samples from various regions of my prostate through the rectum wall (12 little disciples off to the lab and # 9 really hurt!) I should tell you that he administered lidocaine prior to the actual removalof the core samples. Following the procedure, the doctor explained that I would have blood in my urine, my stool and my ejaculations for approx. the next two weeks. He was not bluffing.

That evening I experienced some of the utmost discomfort ever, it wasn’t painful but it felt like I had a dull headache in my rectum. The discomfort lasted approx. 4-6 hours until I started to feel less violated.

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