Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dec 17 2008 Berry Barium

Dec 17 2008 Well today was groundbreaking for me and my wife, a next step in our relationship, she would be joining me for a day of testing at the hospital. What did I ever do to deserve her?

Test day, more prep-work 2 bottles of Berry Barium, outstanding stuff. I checked into Gulf Coast Hospital, to start with blood work, then off to Radiology. I first had a chest x-ray where the technician told me I had big lungs, a compliment I guess. Next I headed to Nuclear Testing to have the CT done, my first IV ever, except this fluid had a warm, flushing sensation during the injection of the contrast materials and left a metallic taste in my mouth that lasted for a few minutes. The next stop was for the bone scan where they inject radionuclide into your iv. The radionuclide will be allowed to concentrate in the bone tissue for a period of one to three hours and then I return for the bone scan. I returned at 2:00 and the scan procedure lasted about 25 minutes.

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