Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan 10 2009 Are you Goofy? The Disney Marathon!

It is the eve before my first Marathon; I am currently at the Rosen Shingle Creek anxiously awaiting the 0315 wake-up call for a 0550 race start. Although I should be fast asleep at this point I figure I can still get 5 hours asleep if I stop the coffee now. Sleep has really become overrated for me this past month.

With retrospect into the 26.2 miles I’ll attempt to run tomorrow I again look at it as I look at my recent diagnosis, a challenge to overcome. Tomorrow will be a morning of reflection not only from the past but also for the future, I am told to expect a battle throughout the run physically, mentally and spiritually. For some who don’t partake in this endurance craze they would ask “Why?,” for those running, all 23,000 entrants, each would give you a different answer.

I’m personally running for all those who cannot run from the cancer, running for the cure. My goal is not to win this race but to run with perseverance the race marked out for us. We all have the passion to compete we’re just wired that way, but it’s more about accomplishment, purpose and heart. I plan to focus on my relationships throughout the run tomorrow, 26 to be exact; I am going to try to dedicate each mile. I’ll share a few of those specifically with you, mile 1 God, mile 2 Jesus, mile 3 Holy Spirit, mile 4 my incredible wife Kim, mile 5 my first gift from God Allison, mile 6 my second gift from God Kari, mile 7 my beautiful sister Leisa, mile 8 my closest friend and sister Leslie, relatives, friends…and mile 25 all those cancer patients and survivors.

Although this event is not a fundraiser of sorts for cancer, it will be, in my heart. I am planning a second Athletes For A Cure Triathlon in Sep 2009, which will be an opportunity for ALL of you to support the fight of prostate cancer specifically with proceeds going directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, I will post the actual Brett Troia fundraising website soon. This is a great venue for a great cause.

I want to THANK all of you for your emails and support since the posting of this blog. I need to tell you that I’m a bit embarrassed with the fact that I’m posting this blog, I want you to understand that truly the blog is not meant to be about me, but about HIM, all those that know HIM, those that don’t know HIM and those that will come to know HIM. It’s for those yet to be diagnosed and those already diagnosed. I don’t claim to be a doctor, a pastor, a surgeon, or anyone even worthy of posting a blog, just someone trying to remain faithful and help others through it.


  1. HI Brett,

    Just wanted to let you know that we love you and your family very much. We always have. Through our many years together we have watched God do some amazing things in your life as well as your family. I can be assured that God has you in His hands. He is certainly in control and will guide you through this journey. Please know that you are not alone. We are all with you in prayer and thoughts. We miss everyone back home, but pray daily for you all.
    The Stricklands

  2. Jennifer sent me a link to your blog. Thanks for sharing what you are going through and how God is working through it and all the things that have happened in your life to bring you where you are. Your faith is an inspiration.

    We are thinking of you guys. We will pray for you and Kim, Allison and Kari each day.

    God bless you all,

    Julie Eadie

  3. Brett,
    Thank you for sharing. Your courage and strength are most inspirational. You are a true fighter who will overcome this obstacle. You will be in my prayers.
    Your freind,

  4. Brett,

    Good to hear that you are doing well. I had no idea of your diagnoses until a week ago. You will be in my prayers and kick Kris in the butt for me!

    Chris Gunter