Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dec 13 2008 Telling our girls their father has "C"

Dec 13 2008 Today was tough, we decided it was time to tell our daughters, Allison 15 and Kari 9. Understand that their concept of Cancer is their Aunt Leisa's death, the current battle of Michael Vinecki's and the news media. Most Cancer stories are not Lance Armstrong experiences, although as a parent this is the example we would like to parallel.

We did our best to explain to them that Prostate Cancer is not a death sentence, a slow grower, treatable and curable. It's the preferred Cancer. What does that even mean?

We laid out our current plan of how we as a team were going to attack this disease. We explained that we were going to seek out the absolute best doctor and treatment available.

We assured them that everything was going to be just fine and that God was in control.

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